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If you are in the middle of a divorce, considering divorce, or trying to resolve child custody, visitation, and support issues, you know just how emotionally draining this process can be.  At the Law Offices of Matthew E. Jones, LLC at Faniuel Hall Market place in Boston, and in Marlborough, Massachusetts, I have the analytical skills and experience required to resolve your issues .  If you are looking for a dedicated and compassionate family law lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Matthew E. Jones, LLC.

Child Support, Spousal Support, & Child Custody
Clients often want a lawyer to answer their family law questions.  I provide the assistance clients need when negotiating a
spousal support or child custody order, or a child custody agreement.  Generally, the courts determine child support based on a set of guidelines.  For example, in Massachusetts one factor the courts consider is the minimization of the economic impact on the child.  Moreover, the first fiscal element the courts look at is income rather than expenses.  Similarly, the courts determine spousal support by reviewing several factors including the earning capacity, health, and educational level  of each person.  The goal is to evaluate each spouses' earning potential rather than actual earnings.  I will help you understand these guidelines and explain how they will affect your case.

Complex Division of Assets
A complex division of assets requires a detailed financial analysis.  If your division of property includes substantial assets such as vacation property, a business, antiques, artwork, or material protected by a copyright, I will obtain the services of the appraisers and tax advisors to determine their actual value.  Additionally, if your assets include a complicated investment scheme I will use forensic accountants to locate hidden assets.  My goal is to ensure full disclosure and to make certain all property is distributed fairly.

After a Divorce
At the Law Office of Matthew E. Jones, LLC, I provide comprehensive family law services that help my clients reach reasonable and fair solutions to enforcement and modifications of divorce decrees and support orders.  Once a divorce or separation is finalized, each spouse has rights and obligations, and often court intervention is required for enforcement.  Moreover, circumstances often change after a divorce had been finalized.  In many cases, depending on the particular circumstances involved, the court will permit changes.

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If you are considering divorce or a modification of a divorce agreement, you should consult with an experienced lawyer.  For an initial consultation, contact Attorney Matthew E. Jones.  Building trust and communication is essential to solving your family law issues in a supportive environment.

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