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5 Stages for Personal Injury Lawsuits& When to Hire an Attorney

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According to the US Government statistics, about 5% of personal injury cases go to trial. However, most of the victims who opt for pretrial settlements end up losing. And this is why most accident victims hire the best attorneys and don’t opt for meditation.

What are personal injury lawsuits?

Personal injury lawsuits are legal disputes that involve injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence. In search lawsuits, the victim can gather evidence and file for compensation from the liable party.

Personal injury lawsuits involve various processes, and there are various reasons Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer. The legal expert will help you to prove that the defendant is responsible for your damages. That’s not all, though! The attorney will also fight for your rights and the compensation benefits for the damages.

What are the stages for personal injury lawsuits?

Personal injury cases can be lengthy and involve various steps. These are;

  1. Getting treatment& Meeting up with an attorney

The first step after incurring personal injuries is to seek medical attention. Seek medical help and keep all the documents and receipts safely. Moreover, contact a personal injury attorney immediately and schedule an appointment. Interview a couple of injury attorneys and pick the right expertise for your case. The professional will evaluate your case and determine the validity of your claim. At this point, present any supporting documents and photos from the scene of the accident. 

  1. Attorney evaluation

 Ensure that the lawyer has the right expertise handling personal injuries and claims. They should have sufficient knowledge and skills and have handled numerous successful personal injury cases. The attorney should also be available to offer legal representation and advice where necessary.

  1. Attorney engagement& Basis of payment

For most personal injury attorneys, you pay on a contingency basis. You only pay after the completion of your case and if the lawyer offers positive results. Some attorneys charge depending on the amount of monetary compensation awarded. This typically ranges between 25%-40% of the total compensation amount. Once you agree on all the terms of engagement, sign an agreement specifying the lawyer fee and terms of engagement.

  1. Case investigation

At this point, the attorney investigates all the facts of the accident and injures. He or she will seek to know when and how you incurred the injuries and the person responsible. The professional will try to understand the case entirely, the type of injuries, and the associated medical expenses.

  1. Filing a lawsuit& Trial

Most personal injury claims involve workplace injuries and car accidents. The lawyer will educate you on the offers of settlement and guide you in filing a compensation claim. If the involved parties don’t request mediation, the case goes to trial, and the attorney presents the case to the judge. The court determines the right settlement.

A quick wrap up

Personal injury claims involve different steps and processes. Your choice of attorney determines the success of your case. Engage an expert personal injury lawyer to simplify the process. The expert will handle most of the legal issues allowing you adequate time to recover from your injuries.

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