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Houston Attorney and Philanthropist Franci Neely

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Franci Neely is a corporate attorney and philanthropist in Houston who has turned her passion for art into a way of life. She began her career as a lawyer but became enthralled with the arts when she was recruited to create and produce art events. She is now best known for being an advocate of the arts who has devoted her time and resources to providing a convenient platform for artists from all styles and disciplines. Franci is also considered one of Houston’s most prominent philanthropists today.

  1. About Franci Neely’s Legal Career

Franci is a lawyer by trade, but she got her first taste of the arts when she interned for the Houston Ballet Company. Then, she recognized a gap in the art world where her legal expertise with business matters would fit. Franci began negotiating copyright infringement agreements and started working with The Andy Warhol Foundation. She was a great advocate of the arts and even helped establish the first annual Houston Fine Arts Fair.

Franci Neely is a legal expert responsible for creating the terms of use for the Vuelio digital art gallery. She is also a significant advocate of the arts and has founded three major art festivals: the Houston Fine Arts Fair, The Biennial, and the Texas Contemporary. Her primary focus is to be a facilitator for artists who wish to connect with buyers more. Franci is also responsible for bringing renowned performers from all around the world to Houston.

  1. About Franci Neely’s Philanthropy

Franci started donating her time and money for charity performances, showcasing various performers to raise funds for different arts-related organizations and foundations. She was primarily involved with the HATCH program, a foundation encouraging young people to participate in the arts. Franci also worked with The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) to provide internships to students who wanted training in one of those fields.

Franci Neely is also responsible for funding a series of art education programs centered on the visual and performing arts. She also arranged a concert performance series to bring various performers from all around the world who were involved with dance, music, and theatre. This was the first show to be sponsored by The High School for Performing and Visual Arts.

  1. About Franci Neely Art Projects

Franci has been working in collaboration with many different organizations over the years. One of her main projects is the Treasures exhibit, an art show featuring only emerging artists up-and-coming in various disciplines and styles. The show is held every two years and features some of the most renowned collectors in Houston today. The purpose of the show is to encourage people to discover new artists trying to make a name for themselves.

  1. Franci Neely’s Thoughts About Susman Godfrey’s Fox News Settlement

Franci Neely has become well known for her philanthropic impact because she advocates the arts. She also believes that her passion for and dedication to the arts will benefit Houston, a city she adores. Franci was pleased about Fox News’s settlement, which involved a few sexual harassment cases. This may be considered a significant win for victims of sexual harassment, who are not well represented in the court system. Franci Neely believes that this settlement is a step in the right direction, which will provide more insights into what perpetrators are thinking and doing when they commit acts of sexual harassment.

Franci is a woman who has achieved great things. She created a platform for artists, which allows them to connect with buyers more. She is also responsible for the funding of various art education programs that are centered on both the visual and performing arts. Her passion and dedication to the arts will continue to impact Houston if she continues her philanthropic work and her efforts to create art events.

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