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How To Be Safe In A Parking Lot? Top Tips!

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A lot of people do not take parking lot safety seriously, which is why most accidents in Garland occur. In fact, some of the most severe injuries can happen in a parking lot due to driver negligence. Since drivers operate at low speeds in a parking lot, they tend to be distracted. They believe there is no harm in checking a text when the car is going slow. However, that is not true. 

The low speeds may seem safer on open roads, but many accidents occur in parking lots and garages. In order to reduce the risk of injury, you must keep a few tips in mind. If someone else has already injured you in a parking lot accident, speak to a Garland Personal Injury Attorney today. 

Tips to be safe in a parking lot 

  • Put the phone away. 

No matter whether you are driving on the road or in the parking lot, you must keep your phone away at all times, whenever you are in front of the steering wheel. The text your friend has sent you can wait. Pedestrians can come out anytime and do not usually pay attention to whether the driver approaching them has their eyes on the road. 

Moreover, pedestrians usually always have the right of way in the parking lot. So, proving they were in the wrong would be extremely difficult as well. 

  • Pick a well-lit area. 

When parking during the evening or at night, make sure you choose a well-lit area or parking lot to park. This prevents robbers and thieves from breaking into your car when you are away. Darkness also makes it easier for criminals to hide behind cars in a parking lot. 

Thieves are not the only things that light keeps you safe from. A parking lot may have hazards on the path that you may slip or trip over and hurt yourself. Moreover, if an object falls off your car when you open or close the door, you are more likely to notice it when there is plenty of light. 

  • Slow down. 

When you are driving in the parking lot, slow down. It is important to maintain a normal speed at all times, but going slow is particularly necessary in a parking lot, a place usually packed with many cars. 

When backing your car, back out slowly while constantly looking at your rearview mirror. Nowadays, cars have technology where you can see the road behind your car on a screen. Make sure to take advantage of the latest technology and avoid trouble. 

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