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When Should You Contact An Immigration Lawyer?

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If you are facing any immigration-related issues, you are not forced to hire an Immigration Lawyer; by doing so, you can get many advantages. The immigration system of every country is strict and complex; dealing with it could be time-consuming and challenging.

An experienced Immigration Lawyer has in-depth knowledge of the immigration system, so they can quickly help with immigration issues. An Immigration Lawyer can guide you as Business Litigation Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, etc., in different immigration areas. So it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of an expert Immigration Lawyer.

So, let’s look at the situation where an Immigration Lawyer can help you.

Circumstances Where You Should Hire An Immigration Lawyer

Companies Hiring Foreign Workers

Bringing foreign workers is a very complex process and does not end with issuing proper visas. An experienced Business Litigation Lawyer will be necessary to save the workers and the company.

According to the immigration law, it is necessary to complete the labor certification process (PERM) if you want to hire foreign lawyers. Submitting the PERM application can be complicated work that the employer cannot understand. Even for a small mistake, the application can get rejected.

So it’s always a good idea to use the service of a Business Litigation Lawyer who can assist your company in PERM paperwork and confirm that the job advertisement you put is listed in proper time and requirements.


Immigration Court Proceedings

If you are undergoing immigration court deportation matters, you should hire an Immigration Lawyer. When you receive an NTA( Notice to Appear), it states that the government removal proceeding plan has started against you. It is crucial to appear in court as soon as possible. Your proficient Immigration Lawyer has expert knowledge of the court system.  Therefore they can bring a positive outcome in your case. These types of cases are urgent and sensitive.

So never be late to contact an immigration lawyer to discuss the following steps to take in the case and answer them honestly.

Visa Application Has Been Denied.

Sometimes Visa applications may be denied due to various reasons. It can be daunting; people get confused about what to do next. It is not always true that you are ineligible for a visa. But in most cases, the Visa gets refused due to a mistake in the application or lack of proper guidance.

An Immigration Lawyer can assist you in the procedure by making significant changes to your application or putting additional information necessary in your Visa application. Moreover, they can help you reapply for your visa with a complete and perfect application to get enough evidence to confirm your eligibility.

Immigration Tax Law Planning

If you have a visa to live or work in a country, your income becomes subject to that country. People who don’t know about the tax can end up paying extra, and at the same time, underpaying your income tax can also put you in severe penalties.

Moreover, if you want to apply for naturalization to become a permanent citizen, you can face problems if you fail to file a tax return.

Here comes your Immigrant Tax Lawyer, they will guide you to file a tax return so that you can prove to the immigration service(USCIS) that you are on a current payment plan.

Your Immigrant Tax Lawyer will give you a proper plan for your income tax file so that you don’t fall into any tax traps.


Unsure About Immigration Options

There are different immigration options like permanent visa, studying, joining family members visiting, temporary, working visa, and many more. Every people has a different purpose in applying for a visa, so while selecting the visa option, consider the duration of staying in that country and the criteria you are eligible for.

Sometimes too many options can confuse you when deciding which route will be correct for you. Your Immigration Lawyer can assist you in selecting the best fit for you.

You can book a session with your lawyer to discuss the situation and your goal to move to that country. They can advise you on the most appropriate visa option, including the application procedure. The correct immigration process will increase the chance of getting a visa successfully and fast.


Suppose you get involved in any of the above problems. In that case, hiring an Immigration lawyer who can help you with their expert knowledge to resolve any immigration-related problems is always recommended. No matter how complex the matter, they will tailor their service per the client’s requirement.

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